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A Focus on Your Future

At our practice, we help all ages of people with a variety of oral health needs. The best way to ensure you don’t need dental work in the future is to combine regular dental check-ups with effective at-home care. To do this, we recommend that our patients come in every six months for a regular cleaning.

We can book your appointments well in advance and send you a reminder via sms, email, phone, or letter, so you’ll never miss an appointment.

Dental X-ray

X-rays may be recommended to give our dentists more information to help your dental care.

The Oral Hygiene Program

When we send you a reminder for your upcoming routine visit, you’ll come in for:

  • An examination
  • X-rays, when needed to give us a closer look at your teeth
  • A professional cleaning to remove build-up
  • Brushing and flossing demonstrations

Complimentary Care Package

Each of our patients receives an oral hygiene package, including:

  • An instruction sheet on oral hygiene and other dental material
  • A soft-bristled toothbrush
  • Samples of recommended toothpaste
  • A pocket-sized floss that you can take anywhere with you

We want to make your dental visits simple and even enjoyable. Call to schedule your visit and maintain your oral health. (08) 9407 7888