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Return to Level 2 Restrictions



We hope you and your family members have been well and rested during this period of uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.


Please bear with the long post.


Anchorage Dental Care is optimistic for bright and safe future and a return to normality soon. The recently reported infection numbers in Western Australia have been very promising indicating minimal community transmission and we believe our weather, government policies and isolation has helped and will greatly speed up our state’s recovery beyond this period.


This however does not mean we can let our guard down;

We all need to continue our isolation, social distancing and hygiene protocols as much as practical.


Dental Restrictions

Government authorities have now reduced dental restrictions to level 2. This means we will be able to conduct some elective non urgent treatment in addition to emergency procedures however there are still many dental procedures we are unable to conduct and others we need to conduct differently.

The procedures can now conduct include:

–          Emergency management and treatments

–          Minor Restorations (small fillings)

–          Medical management of soft tissue presentations (such as ulcers)

–          Dentures and Oral appliances and Orthodontic procedures

–          Preventative procedures such as the application of topical remineralising agents e.g. fluoride


Procedures we are still unable to conduct include treatment requiring use of aerosol generating equipment such as ultrasonic scaler and high speed and other hand-pieces that can not be used with rubber dam.

For more information please visit:

Opening Hours

For the time being we have reduced our reception hours:

Weekdays 9am the 3pm and

Saturdays 9am to 12 midday.


We will remain contactable by phone calls, voicemail messages, emails and website requests over this period and we look forward to contacting you once the restrictions have been lifted.


Infection Control Measures

Additionally, we have increased our hygiene measures to the following:

–          We ask all client to brush their teeth and tongue well before they arrive to the practice

–          Use hand sanitiser upon entering premises bringing minimal personal effects with you

–          Please bear with us patiently as disinfection between clients takes additional time

–          Further client hand-wash and preoperative mouth rinse upon entry to treatment area

–          Reception staff will wear coveralls/ gowns, masks and face shields etc

–          Clinical staff will wear coveralls/ gowns, masks, face shields head and shoe covers etc


Sale of Masks

As asked by many clients we will also strive to gain access to high quality masks for sale to clients for their personal use as we some studies have shown this could be of some benefit to the community. This is of course pending the needs to our hospitals and critical medical services. More to come on this soon. If you would like to use or comment about this service, please email us on: Enquiries@AnchorageDental.Com.Au


We all need to be aware that even though we have had reductions in virus transmission, restrictions may increase again if things worsen. Therefore, now more than ever it is essential to practice good oral hygiene and control sugar consumption to reduce potential issues during this period. As always, we recommend using an electric toothbrush twice a day and flossing once a day. Additionally, care should be taken to avoid hard foods that may cause damage or fracture to the teeth.


Sincerely hoping you and your family stays safe and healthy and hoping to look after you all soon,

Dr Michael Shams, Dr Frank Farhadi and the Anchorage Dental Care Team


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